Our Mission

We The Independent Are...

A merchandise store set up to raise funds to pay for independent performance artists. 

A labour empowerment mission to raise awareness, to educate and to inform independent artists of their working rights. 

An independent body to help research and implement best practice for the conditions and working environment for independent contractors. 

A content provider to help promote & elevate the skills, personalities and stories of people from within the Independent Scene.

We The Independent are NOT Anti contract.  We are pro labour empowerment, pro fairness, and pro equality.  We stand together, because together we have the power for change. 


Working closely with Equity We The Independent has already made huge strides in the support available for  professional Wrestlers.  Check our upcoming podcasts for more inside info.


Another useful website which is an information hub for anyone needing help and support in relation to their mental health.  



BAPAM, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine: A charity supported by Equity who provide specialist health support for performing artists.  No matter what the medical issue you can get a free assessment and then referral to a specialist at one of their 13 clinics in the UK. 


In addition to sharing as much information as we can to help and empower we also want to learn as much as possible.  

We The Independent welcomes people and professionals to be part of the podcast series, if you have anything to share let us know

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