Black and White enamel badge, presented on Special Edition card from Wrestle Crate.  With Two Pins on the reverse to reduce pull on clothing etc.

UK Fulfillment PINS, for all non US orders

US Fulfillment PINS, for all US orders (more stock expected beginning of August)

* US Pins are produced without the special Edition backing card.


Thank you - A percentage of all sales go to the 'We The Independent' funding reserves for supporting creatives through Equity Membership and other exciting opportunities. 

Independent Pin Badge

US Fulfillment or UK Fulfillment
  • Order Holiday (except US Orders) from Thursday 25th July to Monday 5th August.

    Orders placed during the  Order Holiday will be fulfilled after Monday 5th August.  Please do not pay for expediated shipping, your order cannot be despatched within 3 working days. 

    Thank you for your patience and support


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